Ever have a really great customer experience you wanted to share with management, at, say, a leading hotel chain? Conversely, ever needed to get something off your chest, only to find there was no real feedback loop in place?  Medallia Inc. has built its business on making that scenario go away. The Palo Alto-based customer experience management firm announced today its cross-platform Mobile Feedback Solution, giving customers an no-app approach to provide feedback on the most popular mobile devices. 

Medallia said the SaaS solution is easy to deploy, as companies can launch one survey without needing to create versions for each mobile platform. Mobile deployment makes it easier to capture real-time customer experiences in the mobile space. It also improves the probability of accuracy and heightened response, due to what the company calls “top-of-mind feedback" on their experiences. 

Mobile Feedback at Cutting Edge 

The Mobile solution works across multiple platforms, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. With Medallia Mobile Feedback, customers can fill out surveys without having to download any apps. Sam Keninger, director of Prod Marketing confirmed the no-app technology was built on jQuery Mobileframework -- that is, based on HTML5, now gaining popularity in the mobile web space.

The company is also at the cutting edge, offering voice control, a hot topic these days with the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S and its Siri voice support. Medallia said it will support “…speech-to-text-enabled smartphones, such as the newly introduced iPhone4S, so customers can speak their survey responses into their phones.”  Beyond the iPhone, most other smartphones are also supported, including Android and BlackBerry.  

Learning Opportunities

Medallia recognizes that mobile is the next frontier in customer experience data capture. "There are more than a billion mobile devices and hundreds of millions of smartphones in use today. Medallia Mobile allows businesses to incorporate this key channel into their CEM programs,” said  Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder of Medallia.

Medallia Takes Innovation Award

In related news, last month the company has earned a 2011 TCM Labs Innovation Award for its Medallia Text Analytics, specifically for “…its achievement in advancing customer data analysis capabilities.”  The company said it was the first “…integrated CEM text analytics solution to enable companies to analyze numerical scores and text comments from customer surveys together.” 

Medallia offers an integrated solution that proved superior to traditional text analytics approaches. The big win is for non-researchers with no specialized training. The solution also provides “…a unified view of customer experience, which stand-alone text analytics products lack,” the company said. 

Back in April  we interviewed Elizabeth M. Carducci, director of client services at  Medallia, and discussed the five steps to driving customer excellence, preached by the company to its core global 2000 companies that include ebay, Honeywell and Hyatt and Four Seasons Hotels.