Publishing platform, Medium has announced new features designed to make the user experience even more collaborative.

The Middle Ground

Medium is a publishing environment where users can share ideas and experiences while also inviting other users to add similar content to a "collection".  With this curated and collaborative model, Medium, as a whole offers users a place where they can create better content by bringing ideas together.

In a blog post from founder Ev Williams, he says that Medium wants to make all aspects of the publishing process a collaborative experience, so the company has added a feature where users can work together in the draft stage.

After a user creates a draft, they will see the new “Invite Collaborators” button near the top of their screen. After clicking on it they receive a personal link, which they can then send via email to anyone might want to edit or contribute to the post.

Those who are invited to give feedback can do so with Medium's notes feature and as a result, those who have done so will receive credit in a “Thanks to” section. Any changes to the post though, have to be done by the original author.


Medium gives credit to all contributors.

With this new feature, material that is published through Medium will be of a higher quality as collaborators will be able to catch mistakes and discrepancies in the text or other content.

It’s All About Content

Launched last August by Williams who also helped create Twitter and, Medium appears to offer users a mix between the microblogging and long-form blogging that William's former companies focus on. According to a blog post that initially announced the service, Williams stated that he wanted to create a place where users could share and improve upon ideas and other types of content.

[It’s]A place where you can find and share knowledge, ideas, and stories—specifically, ones that need more than 140 characters and are not just for your friends,” he said. “It’s a place where you can work with others to create something better than you can on your own.”

According to CMSWire’s Chris Knight, although the platform didn't make much of an impact at the the time, it had potential.

It would be easy enough to log in the once, decide you had seen enough and move on,” he said. “But, beside the initial, rather Pinterest-like categories, we get the feeling there could be a lot more to this once it gets up and running.”

Medium is still only available in a beta format with no scheduled release date for its public launch.