Microsoft SkyDrive Updates File Sharing, Adds HTML5 Text Editing

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Microsoft SkyDrive Updates File Sharing, Adds HTML5 Text Editing
Microsoft has announced several updates to its SkyDrive storage app, including sharing editing abilities with people who aren't signed in, more granular photo sharing capabilities and an HTML5 based text editor.

RAW + Animated Gif File Support

For whatever reason someone might need to store animated .gif images, from now on, the animation portion of the image will be maintained in SkyDrive. And while RAW image support is already in place, when those stored images are displayed, they will now do so at high resolution where allowed.

The thumbnails and images of those high resolution shots will be measured by their dots per inch (DPI) scale, and if the device or browser supports high DPI, those images will be shown in more detail.

On the sharing front, things have gotten much more usable as SkyDrive now allows for sharing of individual groups of files from anywhere in SkyDrive. Once the group of files is sent off, the above image is what the recipient will see in their inbox. When the person clicks in to see the images, they display in album format.

Sharing is Caring

SkyDrive users used to not really have a way to see everything that was being shared and with whom, and it was difficult to un share items, so a Shared View has been enabled to combat that. Intuitively enough, it shows everything that was shared by the user at the top, and things other people have shared with the user below it.

Learning Opportunities

The biggest and best update has got to be the ability to share a document that someone else can edit without signing in. This could be useful in a variety of scenarios with the obvious one being the person being shared with doesn't have Office. 

Microsoft SkyDrive Updates File Sharing, Adds HTML5 Text Editing
Email recipients can be required to sign in or allowed to edit files.

There is a lightweight version of Office baked into SkyDrive for those who are signed in and need to collaborate on documents, but there's now also the ability to share editing of other types of documents. This is where the HTML5 based text editor comes in. This way, code files like HTML, CSS or JavaScript can be edited collaboratively and synced right back to the cloud.

This text editing ability is clearly aimed at developers who are maybe prototyping something or working on a personal project. Anyone using SkyDrive will likely feel pretty good about this update, so now Microsoft can get back to trying to get Office 365 right on iOS devices.

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