MindTouch Announces Product Experience Platform

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Knowledge is your greatest asset when it comes to attracting, gaining and supporting your customers. The MindTouch Product Experience Platform can help you leverage that knowledge across all your customer channels seamlessly.

Proactively Supporting the Customer

We talk about the need to share information and knowledge across the organization daily, and we do see that happening in a number of organizations to some degree with the help of technology and/or the simple hard work of employees.

MindTouch has launched a new SaaS platform that will help you take all your information and share it seamlessly across your organization and with your customers in a way that understands the context of that customer's visit. It's called the Product Experience Platform.


MindTouch Product Experience Platform

The concept behind the Product Experience Platform is pretty simple. Most of the technologies used today to support customers in different channels are reactive -- that is, they react to customer problems. And that's okay, except in most cases knowledge gained from helping customers isn't shared across channels. There's often no tracking of what's happening across channels, there's no analytics to show what are common issues, support for one customer is kept to that customer, even though the information may help another customer, and the list goes on...

In addition to these issues, there can be a number of resources who could contribute to supplying all this knowledge to support customers (partners, customers themselves, product designers/creators), but there's no way for them to participate and share their knowledge because they aren't part of the traditional support system.

Knowledge is Power

The idea is pretty straightforward when you think about it. Every time you help someone find the information they need, or you solve a problem someone is having, you have all this knowledge that you can share with others, whether that's other support people, people in sales and marketing, or the customer themselves through self-help tools.

And, if you can leverage all the knowledge you currently have on your customers -- in your CRM system, on social networks, etc... -- you can provide better proactive support going forward by provide contextual product information.

Essentially, using a platform like MindTouch's Product Experience (PX) Platform, you offer better proactive support to your customers.

The Product Experience Platform

The PX Platform is web-based and is built on the years of collaborative knowledge that the MindTouch team has developed. With its Web-oriented architecture, it's easy to integrate authentication systems to support a single-sign on approach. As it's based on a RESTful interface, you won't have an issues integration additional channels.


SuccessFactors using MindTouch

Learning Opportunities

The platform also uses MindTouch's HelpRank, a set of new proprietary algorithms that analyze both customer and support agent behavior across all channels and uses this information to improve the context of the information offered to the customer through searches.

The LightSpeed Content Framework is a content framework that supports the delivery of multi-channel content help across all channels. It enables the contribution of content from all parties involved in supporting customers including partners, product experts, support personnel, and in some cases, even the customer themselves. The framework also helps dynamically organizes content so it's offered in a number of ways for customers.

Add to that content analytics, and rich search functionality, and you have a pretty extensive platform. 

Who Else is Doing Product Experience

I've yet to see anyone else offered this kind of web-based cross-channel product experience platform. You will see variations of it from vendors like SDL (who have an extensive structured authoring platform that can be integrated with its CXM offerings), Oracle (who have all the required pieces, but have yet to offer them in a seamless cross-platform cloud-based environment) and Salesforce (who's being talking about this lately). 

What sets MindTouch apart, other than that its platform is a seamless cross-channel knowledge-as-a-service offering, is its pricing and extensive experience in the under-lying RESTful web-based architecture. 

Another key differentiator is that ability to add content back into the platform from any knowledge-providers. Content will be converted to the proper styles, save it as draft, pull in the required metadata to add additional context and alert admins that new content has been added to review. This is something that MindTouch customer are really excited about -- making the content better quicker.