It's time for your Mobile App of the Week. This week, we go Android with Intsig Information’s CamCard smartphone app. This mobile app aims to bring business cards into the technology age with their information recognition software.

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Available in both a free and paid version in the Google Play Store, Intsig says that their app will allow users to say “goodbye to the business card black hole” and that it can make sharing, storing and organizing business cards easier.

When a user takes a photo of a business card, the image is cropped and enhanced. This information is then converted into a contact list and placed into a Card Holder. The user can then choose to share this information with other exchange accounts, such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter or only have it stored in the CamCard app. In the Card Holder, which is very similar to your phone’s contact list, there’s a photo of the card, along with any information that’s either been manually imputed or taken from the card itself.

The Pros of CamCard

CamCard is a useful app if you need to separate your personal contacts from your business ones and make contact management a bit easier.

  • It has the ability to recognize 16 languages, that range from English and French to traditional Chinese and Hungarian.
  • All of the cards and their information can not only be saved to your phone and other accounts, but the app has an optional backup installed in case a contact is misplaced or deleted.
  • The ability to search a contact on Linkedin is already built into the program, which saves from having to download another app or spending time searching a person’s name.
  • Once the information is stored, you are able to make phone calls, send text messages and emails, visit websites and locate addresses on a map.
  • You can create your own virtual business cards for either yourself or another contact by typing in your information or taking it from your phone’s existing contact list.
  • Share contact information via email, SMS and QR Code (that's right you can create your own QR Code for your contact information).

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The Not So Great of CamCard

As with any app, there are certain flaws in the CamCard app that can be problematic.

  • Not all fonts are easily recognized and a lot of information is disinterested or distorted in the image, depending on the card’s design.
  • The app’s enhancement and cropping features sometimes cut out words or other important parts of the card -- even if you’re in the screen’s allotted frame. This can lead to having to take multiple photos of the same card to get the proper information.

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The Cost of CamCard

CamCard is available for Android version 2.0 and up, and has a user rating on Google Play of 4.1 out of 5.

For the free version:

  • As a free user you’re only able to save up to 20 cards when you first use the app, followed by two cards in the following weeks.
  • As a registered user you can only save up to 30 cards in the first week and three in the following weeks.

For the paid version:

  • The app costs US$ 11.99 and for that price you get no ads, unlimited business card scans per week and a fee extra features.

Final Thoughts

For those who have a lot of business contacts and not enough pages in their Rolodex, this app is a good investment. But for those with a small business, your smartphone already has the ability to store and sync information to contacts, so this app is can be seen as overkill.

Have you tried it?