You know the story by now. Employees are disconnected from customers. Customers remain isolated by geography or by access. How do businesses get closer to customers without sacrificing productivity? Moxie Software provides a solution that aims to converge customer communications with employee collaboration applications. 

The Space Between...


A Safe Space

Spaces by Moxie works to change the way companies engage with customers by improving the way businesses interact, understand and deliver superior customer experiences. Sounds like a lot to undertake, but as it turns out that, once you start with the customer, many of these processe fall into a natural workflow.

A company’s message is pushed out through multiple channels, then gets picked up by the customer, who then interacts with an employee. With Moxie Spaces, companies can connect to the process at any point, accessing a slew of features designed to enhance and steer engagement to the customer, including:

Expert Connect: Enables cross-departmental collaboration for Customer Service and Support, IT, HR and Sales and Marketing to ensure accurate and efficient customer communications across channels -- email, community, chat, Knowledgebase and social media. (see below)


Activity Stream App: Integrates activity streams into communication channels for faster knowledge sharing and collaboration. (see below)


Real-time Insight: Enables real-time visibility into issues in the field for faster resolution

Virtual War Room: Automates the creation of Web 2.0 tools (activity feeds, wikis, projects and groups) that bring resources together to collaborate

Click-to-Publish: Publishes content to the Knowledgebase portal, reducing the time spent finding the right answer

Spaces Connect: A comprehensive integration framework with secure APIs and pre-built connectors, integrating Spaces by Moxie with applications such as CRM, ERP, Content Management, HR and other third-party applications

Trading Spaces 

Companies will soon realize that, to develop an effective engagement strategy, it has to create a cyclical flow between customer and employee. With Moxie Spaces, companies can collaborate more effectively with customers and partners to ensure that the latest and greatest information from anywhere is available to all parties involved in optimizing business processes.