The latest in marketing, recovering, acquiring and mapping from Yankeeland, the Bull City, the Bubble and the other Second City.

Stark Raven Marketing

Marlborough, Mass.-based Content Raven just added another chick to its flock – Marketing Raven. The new analytics tool is meant to “help sales and marketing teams improve prospect engagement in real-time.”


According to Ronald Matros, CEO of Content Raven, "This new product allows us to tackle the biggest issues faced by enterprises today as they look to improve their sales cycle and gain insight into how their customers and prospects are consuming their content.”

You can view a video demo on Marketing Raven.A few more ravens and they’ll have themselves a proper congress. 

Making Abandoned Shopping Carts Extinct

Bronto Software, out of Durham, N.C., hopes to make shopping cart abandonment, like dinosaurs, a thing of the past with its new app, Cart Recovery.

Research indicates that “87 percent of consumers abandon carts, resulting in $18 billion of lost revenue annually,” the company claims. Bronto hopes its app will “convert shoppers into buyers” to recover those returns.

Bronto CEO Joe Colopy, noted, “In today’s multi-device, multi-channel shopping environment, identifying easy to implement solutions that help convert shoppers to buyers is critical.” 

(Of course, everyone knows, the Bronto, was really an Apatosaurus.)

Kofax Pitches and Acquires SoftPro

Germany’s Softpro GmbH just made it to the show. Irvine, Calif.-based Kofax acquired the fraud prevention company this week, hitting it out of the ballpark.

Reynolds C. Bish, CEO of Kofax, said Softpro software "offers enhanced capabilities to Kofax customers who want to embed it within their smart process applications, thus making the First Mile of customer interactions even smarter.”

Learning Opportunities

Kofax’s smart process applications hope to benefit from Softpro’s electronic signature software, SignDoc, which “currently processes over 200 million electronic signatures annually.”

Like Nuke LaLoosh always says: “I’m just happy to be here and hope I can help the club.”

There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

But this one is launching a new analytics platform. Yellowfin, based in Melbourne, Australia, released Yellowfin 7.1, the latest version of its BI platform this week. The upgrade includes:

  • A Native Base Layer
  • GeoPacks
  • Auto Charts for maps
  • New visualizations

You can download a detailed overview about Yellowfin 7.1 here.


Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie said “Yellowfin 7.1 will automatically assign zip codes, latitude and longitude coordinates as well as polygons – where available – to address-level data.”

And it could make a tasty Salad Niçoise, too.