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Thumbs Up for Collaboration

Yammer and Office 365 want to be the place where teams work, said Juliet Wei, a senior product marketing manager at Yammer. To that end, Microsoft is:

  1. Integrating Yammer more deeply within Office 365. It's making Yammer a part of Office 365 Groups and Yammer signals a part of the Office Graph.
  2. Enhancing collaboration by using an algorithmic feed "to surface the teams and conversations you should know about."
  3. Added an external messaging feature, which allows users to add extended team members from outside your organization, such as partners, vendors and customers, to Yammer conversations.

"With 40 percent or more of the US workforce expected to be made up of contingent or independent workers by 2020, companies need to empower the formation of dynamic teams. External messaging is an important step in that direction," she wrote.

Celtra Hitches its Wagon to Neustar

Celtra released Programmatic Creative this week as a new addition to its AdCreator platform. AdCreator uses Neustar Insights to bring audience data to mobile display and video creatives along with situational data signals – including location, weather or time.

Mihael Mikek, co-founder and CEO of Boston-based Celtra, boasted that Programmatic Creative is more than an enhancement of the platform. "It is our new direction and strategy," he said.

According to Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO for Sterling, Va.-based Neustar, creative ad strategies are the next frontier in mobile display and video. She added “high quality audience data will play a key role in making mobile advertising even better.”

Vizy Keeping Busy

Vizy, a merger of crowdsourcers Poptent and Userfarm, announced what company officials describe as a unique global resource where brands and agencies can tap a "well of creativity and expertly produced video content.”

Bruno Pellegrini, CEO of London-based Vizy, claims the company has a community of more than 120,000 filmmakers who can quickly deliver high-quality content. The scalable and adaptive cloud computing architecture includes:

  • Project setup, management, tracking and reports
  • Content moderation and selection and content versioning
  • Billing and paperless invoice management
  • Project management for multi-entities and multi-currencies

Something to Wrike Home About

Wrike just released custom workflows, the second phase of its Dynamic Platform. The update enables users to match their real-life work process with workflows in Wrike, the company noted.

The workflows can be anything as complex as a whitepaper from a marketing operations team to a simple blog post – anything that involves team project management. Officials boast this is “the only collaboration platform in its class to offer workflows that move seamlessly across teams and projects.”

"Custom workflows will save teams time and give them insight into exactly where in the process their work is stalling, which can be a challenge for creative teams," said Andrew Filev, CEO and founder of Mountain View, Calif. based Wrike.


Cloudwords of Wisdom

In a perfect world, universal translators would be readily available and unfamiliar languages would never hinder communication. But for now, Cloudwords’ In-Context Review technology might do the trick.

Released this week as part of the platform’s OneReview feature, In-Context Review enables customers and their in-house reviewers to view, edit, comment and finalize translated content within its final layout, regardless of format or file type, the company reports. The company also claims the process is intuitive and works with all content types and systems.

Learning Opportunities

Scott Yancey, CEO of Cloudwords, based in San Francisco, said Cloudwords introduced In-Context Review "to eliminate road blocks in the way of completing reviews more efficiently, shortening the review process from days to hours.”


Canto a Standards Bearer

Canto has been selected by OASIS, a nonprofit standards organization, to join the Technical Committee (TC) for Content Management Interoperability Services for Digital Asset Management (CMIS4DAM).

Based in Burlington, Mass., OASIS drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society.

The goal of the technical committee, made up of participants including DAM vendors, enterprise content management systems (CMS) providers, industry analysts and representatives from academia is to create a standard which will “allow end user organizations to abide by best practices and gain the ability to assign a lifecycle to every file residing in their DAM system. “

Canto brings "valuable expertise" to the CMIS4DAM Technical Committee, said Laurent Liscia, CEO of OASIS.

Andreas Mockenhaupt, director of professional services for San Francisco-based Canto, called creating a framework for DAM standards "an important step in the evolution" of the industry.

High Flying Kiteworks

Mobile security provider, Accellion released new features and enhancements to its kiteworks platform, which it claims will provide “greater control and security over user access to business content” to IT departments. The new features include:

  • Uploader role
  • IP restriction
  • File level expiration
  • OpenText eDocs content connector
  • Mobile printing via PrinterOn

Vidhya Ranganathan, SVP of Products at Palo Alto, Calif.-based Accellion said the new security features and enhancements give IT teams more abilities to sensitive business data. Representatives from Accellion will be demonstrating the kiteworks platform, along with an app for wearable devices, at RSA 2015 in San Francisco next week.