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  • busy street in Tokyo

    Plotting Your Global Marketing Success

    It's a challenge to manage multinational marketing campaigns. Marketers still struggle to gain a clear understand of what is working, where and why — across all international markets, content varieties, campaigns and platforms, with real time analytics thrown in, as well. But Scott Yancey, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based

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  • News You Can Use Yammer Celtra Neustar More

    News You Can Use: Yammer, Celtra, Neustar, More

    The latest in stories, audiences, flows, text, standards, missions and security from Albion, Shawmut, The View, The City and Shallow Alto. Thumbs Up for Collaboration Yammer and Office 365 want to be the place where teams work, said Juliet Wei, a senior product marketing manager at Yammer.

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  • News Bites FTI IBM Sitrion Cloudwords More

    News Bites: FTI, IBM, Sitrion, Cloudwords, More

    The latest in markups, messages, e-discoveries, changes, mobilizing, defining, raising, efficiencies and openings from The Crown City, Paris on the Prairie, the Knickerbocker State and the Charm City, Wall Street of the West, America’s Walking City and Shaky Town. Running Ringtails Around Competitors? IBM is keeping busy.

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  • Cloudwords Localizes the Oracle Cloud

    Cloudwords, a startup backed by founder Marc Benioff, has beefed up its integration with the Oracle Marketing Cloud, aiming to automate and organize the process of managing the localization of B2B and B2C content Cloudwords announced yesterday that it is now integrated with Oracle Reponsys, Oracle Content Marketing (formerly

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  • Cloudwords Offers New Solution for Global Marketers

    Marc Benioff-backed Cloudwords is continuing its quest to help global marketers manage multi-lingual content. The cloud-based translation management application today announced Campaign Manager, an enterprise-ready solution designed to help marketers "plan, execute and track" the localization and translation of marketing content for global campaigns. Benioff, the CEO of

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  • Sharing Google Analytics Ranking Webcasts and More

    Sharing Google Analytics, Ranking Webcasts and More

    And now, the news. This week, DAM NY is set to bloom, Google Analytics wants you to share, an omnichannel Currency is born and Cloudwords adds machine translation. Also, webcasts get engagement measuring from ON24 and Sizmek tracks measurement worldwide.

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