Cloudwords, a startup backed by founder Marc Benioff, has beefed up its integration with the Oracle Marketing Cloud, aiming to automate and organize the process of managing the localization of B2B and B2C content

Cloudwords announced yesterday that it is now integrated with Oracle Reponsys, Oracle Content Marketing (formerly Compendium), Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle WebCenter Content.

Going Local

The company is riding the trend of an increased amount of content, along with an increased amount of marketing software, all of which needs to be localized and translated for global markets. Both the content and the software need to work across broad marketing platforms, whether it's based on email, web content, or sales and marketing databases.

"We are the first and only platform that globalizes all content in the Oracle marketing cloud," said Scott Yancey, CEO and co-founder of Cloudwords. "Marketers are creating all of this content and if you are a marketing organization, you have to support a global salesforce, localized and globalized. You had nothing at your finger tips, but now we help plug into these systems."

Although Cloudwords has tightly aligned itself with Oracle, Yancey says that does not rule out the other players. The company is also partnering with Marketo, and Yancey says it is working on the "beginnings of a partnership" with Adobe for the Adobe AEM product.

That being said, Yancey believes that the Oracle platform now has an edge because of the integration of localization features. He says that marketers managing content in other systems can only handle this through "brute force cutting and pasting, like they did in 1995." It's a competitive differentiator, says Yancey.

Betting on a Broad Base

Cloudwords is based in San Francisco and has 27 full time employees and "hundreds of customers," said Yancey, a former employee who worked closely with Benioff, who initially backed Cloudwords. The Cloudwords client roster includes big brands such as McDonald's, said Yancey.

"We have a very broad and diverse customer base," said Yancey. "We are not your typical venture-backed company just selling to other people in Silicon Valley."

The company targets a marketing customer base, including content managers and Web content specialists.

Cloudwords does not disclose the amount of venture funding or revenue it has, but Yancey conceded that it has raised money in the "double-digit" millions. In addition to Benioff, Storm Ventures has invested in the company.