NICE Systems Brings Video Recording to Customer Contact Centers

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For contact centers, video is one of the final frontiers. This week, Israel-based interaction management provider NICE Systems announced a Contact Center Video Recording solution so that video conferencing between customers and agents can be monitored and used to improve performance.

The new functionality is built on NICE’s experience in video surveillance for security and is supported by the company’s Interaction Management offering, which captures, stores and manages customer telephone, chat and email interactions either as a standalone product or as part of the company’s customer service platform.

Consistent User Experience

Video recording allows organizations to monitor agent performance through the capture of videoconferencing calls between customers and agents, thus supporting video-based coaching and helping to maintain a consistent user experience across multiple channels. The company said that organizations will have a better record of what an agent said during customer interaction, including what was implied through body language, in order to better gauge whether something more could have been done to keep the customer happy.

The video record function can include not only side-by-side playback of the video interaction between an agent and a customer, but can also include audio, video and other images that had been on the agent's screen.

Learning Opportunities

Yochai Rozenblat, President of the NICE Customer Interactions Group, said in a statement that "companies are continuously enhancing their outreach to customers by seeking new channels to which they can better connect and personalize the customer experience." He added that the new integrated video recording solution helps to monitor multiple interaction channels for quality and compliance.

Gamification, Analytics

Multiple channel interaction with customers, sometimes referred to as the omni-channel, has become a standard tenet of modern marketing and customer service. Organizations and vendors have been gearing up their solutions to handle the wide variety of customer interactions available via email, social media, website feedback, telephone and other media, with video interaction between customer and agent slowly coming aboard as one of the last channels to be added. Gartner Research has noted the value that video-based customer service can add to interactions in such industries as finance and healthcare.

NICE Systems has been busy trying to keep up with all of the new tools and functions that customers and contact centers are coming to expect. Last month, NICE formed a partnership with gamification vendor Bunchball to improve performance by customer-facing and back office employees through the use of gaming techniques.

In April, the company announced its Customer Engagement Analytics platform, which it said was the first in the industry to capture and analyze customer data across channels and through a customer's journey.