OmniUpdate, a popular Web CMS in higher education, has released version 9.16, and it includes tidy updates to the site cloning tool and a few add ons to the built in source editor.

Any faculty, staff or student intern who might be using the OU Campus software in their day to day activities might be happy to know there aren't any major changes to the system.  

Auto-tag Completion for HTML, XSL; Theme Options

Small though the changes to version 9.16 may be, there's a little something here for everyone. For HTML editing, there's improved auto-tag completion for quickly inserting the closing tags on a command. Additionally, whether the text editor or HTML editor is being used, it's now easier to save content quickly. OmniUpdate calls this a save-in-place feature and it's meant to make for rapid updates.

There's also new theme options for using a pre-made design in a website layout. Think of these additions as a tune up rather than a full scale Web CMS rebuild for OmniUpdate. 

Site Cloning, Syntax Highlighting

Reusing content is one of the best time savers in IT, and it's with this in mind OmniUpdate has simplified the site cloning tool. It should now be easier to use over again the files and folders on a staging server.

Learning Opportunities

That way, new websites can be set up quickly and efficiently. Additionally, syntax highlighting has updated so changes in HTML text can be more easily understood, and mistakes easier to identify. 

Earlier this year, OmniUpdate released v9.15, and it included filtering and tagging updates, and new schedulded publishing options. These granular updates may not be sexy, but for the people using the tools everyday, they are the kinds of changes that simply make things easier to use.

Just looking at how frequently OmniUpdate makes these changes shows it is likely working closely with its customers and listening.