Optify Connect is getting an update. First introduced last year, the digital marketing platform, which connects new contacts with their anonymous visit history, now comes in a light CRM for small- and mid-sized businesses. 

Connect & Collect Contacts

Connect’s new updates are designed to provide a rich, integrated timeline of a lead’s or contact’s entire interaction history, including data collected from when contacts were anonymous visitors, into one mobile-friendly dashboard so that both sales and marketing can utilize the same CRM. 


At its core, Optify Connect allows marketers to increase response rates and evaluate leads. They can track visitor information from the first time they lands on a site, even if the contact doesn’t fill out a form to provide identification. Once a contact completes a form, Optify Connect brings together all of the multi-device and multi-browser visits into one contact, providing a full history of the contact over time.  


Optify Connect's integrated timeline shows visitor history, including email interactions and form information. 

With new updates to Contact Details, all of a visitor’s information is pulled into one, centralized timeline where contacts can be viewed, managed and followed up with manually or automatically using Optify’s Marketing Automation solution. With full contact history, sales teams can better prioritize, follow up with and manage prospects and customers in Optify, without having to worry about the quality of the leads or connecting to complicated CRMs. 

Simplify, Streamline & Strengthen Customer Experience

Considering that market automation can feel like more art than science, Optify Connect lite gives small and medium-sized businesses a marketing advantage. By being able to identify not only who's coming to your website, but the leads that drove them there means simplifying and streamlining the sales and marketing cycle so you can be more effective at delivering appropriate messaging, creating a more meaningful customer journey and increasing revenues.