Oracle CEO Ellison: Not Thinking about Big Buys, for Now #oow

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Oracle has already bought Taleo, SelectMinds and several other companies this year, but does anyone really believe the database and business software giant won't do any more deals in 2012?

Oracle has been busy announcing new products this week at OpenWorld, its annual trade show, but one announcement we shouldn't expect is for the company to make any short term large acquisitions, CEO Larry Ellison has said. 

Ellison Talks Silicon Valley + Steve Jobs

Ellison sat down to talk with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo this week, and mentioned his relationship with Oracle President Mark Hurd, the legend of Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley and his friend Steve Jobs. Now that Oracle has moved into the cloud, Ellison said, the company would focus more on growing internally and less on buying up other vendors.

"We could do a big deal again, you know, down the road," Ellison said.

"I am just saying over the next couple of years, senior management down to individual programmers and sales people, are focused on one thing; selling applications in the cloud."

It was in this context Ellison brought up Steve Jobs. Oracle could do another buy in a couple of years because they have so much cash ready, Ellison said. Jobs had a history of keeping a pile of cash on hand, and Ellison pointed that out to show his position is not unique.


OpenWorld focus is mostly on Fusion apps, but there are sections for Java and customer experience as well.


Learning Opportunities

On the other hand, Oracle has spent tens of billions of dollars on buys over the last decade, including the somewhat mystifying US $7.4 billion buyout of Sun Microsystems in 2009. Of course, it makes sense for Oracle to try and grow its business from the inside, but much of that growth will depend on the company integrating all the tech it has bought just in 2012 alone.

Customer Experience Summit at OpenWorld

The first half of OpenWorld has so far focused mostly on Oracle's resource planning and CRM systems. These are part of the Fusion platform that became part of the Public Cloud in 2011, and is now being deployed at a faster rate.

Oct. 3 starts the Customer Experience Summit, however, and it features speakers from research firms Forrester and Gartner and also Seth Godin, author of 'Tribes' and 'All Marketers are Liars.'

The Summit is broken down into three tracks:

  • Service and Support
  • Commerce and Loyalty
  • Marketing and Sales

There are sessions in all three areas on Wednesday and Thursday with Friday being the workshop and round table day. We are there to bring you the news and insights, so stay tuned for all the goodies.

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