Oracle Offers Targeted Web Experience Management With WebCenter Sites Release
Yesterday, in the first part of our look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Customer Service Contact vendors, we saw many are struggling to understand Social CRM. Among the vendors that were pushing it forward was Oracle, with products like WebCenter, for which it has released the lastest version of WebCenter Sites.

Oracle WebCenter

Before looking at Sites, just a quick word about WebCenter itself. WebCenter is a user engagement platform for social business that enables contextual collaboration through tools that enable efficient connections between people.

It also comes with applications that ensure users have the right information for the process they are involved in and enables enterprises to deliver targeted Web experiences to users through intuitive portals, composite applications and mash.

In effect, this is exactly the kind of tools that Gartner has identified in the Customer Service Contact stable. On top of that, Oracle has now added WebCenter Sites.

WebCenter Sites

The goal of Sites is to take the development of targeted web experience step further by enabling business users to create the experience. Oracle has done this by simplifying the creation, management and optimization of interactive and social experiences.

In a nutshell, WebCenter Sites is a web experience management solution for engaging customers through web, mobile and social channels. Typically, there is a whole bunch of useful features here including drag-and-drop capabilities through a new interface with other intuitive tools.


Oracle WebCenter

It also comes with new search functionality that provides visual search results that simplify the authoring experience by making it easy for users to locate the content they want to use and place it on web pages.

Going through the list of functions, four sets stood out (but there are many more):

1. Easy-To-Use Content Authoring

  • Edit and management Web content in real time with new interfaces and drag-and-drop authoring
  • Simple, but powerful, web management presence for administrators through an advance interface
  • Online communications for Web and mobile devices through targeted interfaces

2. Segment-Based, Predictive Targeting

  • Targeting customer with individual content, improving customer loyalty
  • Create and manage targeted campaigns with new functionality
  • Dynamic analytics deliver relevant content to relevant customers in real time

3. Granular Analytics

  • Enables users to assess effectiveness of content
  • Offers reporting and tracing of individual assets and visitor segments
  • Real-time analysis of content enables optimization of site content

4. User-Generated Content and Gadgets

  • Integration with third-party social networking sites
  • Incorporation of user-generated content such as comments, ratings, polls and blogs
  • Social login and sharing enables visitors to share information found online across other social networks
  • Customizable dashboards with gadgets that can be personalized by site visitors

Needless to say, there’s a lot more here. WebCenter Sites is scalable, Oracle says, and can cater to high-volume growth, and comes with multi-site management for hundreds of departmental, regions and multilingual sites.

It also caters to the management of mobile websites that enables delivery to all kinds of devices including, of course, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. It has just been launched so no user feedback yet. More on this as it happens.