From the Gilbane Conference in Boston Wednesday, Web content management and marketing vendor Percussion has announced a partnership with DivvyHQ, a vendor of a spreadsheet-free editorial calendar applications.

Excel Calendaring

What it means is that enterprises that are using the Percussion Web CMS will be able to incorporate a production calendar from DivvyHQ directly into its dashboard, which will make the scheduling and production of content a lot easier;

If this sounds like Excel functionality without the spreadsheet then this is exactly what both are aiming for with this partnership.

In fact, in the announcement around the release, both were quite clear that they are offering this solution as a simple alternative to Excel and overly complicated spreadsheets.

While it is unlikely to ever pose a threat to Excel per se, it could make some in-roads into the space that Excel occupies by providing a viable calendaring alternative to managing content, which for scheduling really looks like overkill.

By that, we mean that Excel can be pretty complicated to use and for a function like scheduling, it's a bit too much.

There aren’t a lot of alternatives, though, and this is where this partnership is looking to find traction. In fact, they say that it is the only calendaring system of its kind that does not depend on spreadsheets.

Content Production, Publishing

By combining the two, users will be able to link content production and publishing processes, something which enterprises are desperately trying to do at the moment.

They also cite an interesting statistic here, which appears to fly in the face of current thinking on content production -- at least at face value.

Citing the Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs 2013 Content Marketing Benchmark study, 45% of those queried intend to increase their content marketing budget over the year. No problems with that figure.

However, it also says that 64% of respondents struggle with producing enough content. This is the one that many enterprises may have problems with. Most enterprises, we’ve seen, are struggling with the explosion of content and data, hence the growth in the big data market.

Look again, and what you see is that the struggle is to produce quality content. And with that no one will have any issues, with, presumably, Big Data analytics being used to try and separate the bad from the worthwhile.

Percussion, DivvyHQ

Anyone that works in content production will be aware that content planning is the key to producing quality content, even if it doesn’t always work out like that.

There is no doubt that content marketers continually struggle with finding high quality content, managing the production of that content, and then getting that content published rapidly to all of their web properties,” said Robert Rose, senior contributing analyst with Digital Clarity Group.

Integrated into the Percussion CM1 dashboard, Divvy HQ provides a calendaring interface on the CM1 dashboard as well as collaboration tools that better manage the production of all content.

For those struggling with content production it’s a useful partnership. It’s available now and joint customers are eligible for special discounts including 10% off the purchase of Percussion CM1 and six months free of DivvyHQ.