While at Gilbane Boston 2011, we've met with vendors to get the inside scoop about their newest projects and greatest insights about the state of web content management. In a world of rapidly increasing data, customers demand more meaningful content, while companies demand better control over how they create, share and manage it all. So what do you do, and how do you manage it all? 

Finding Your Content's Drum Beat

We first turned to Percussion software. We spoke with Aaron Dun, vice president, marketing and strategy about what drives successful open data initiatives, like the one they recently launched with

When it comes to government websites, whether it’s at the federal, state or local level, Percussion is a familiar face. Having helped deploy more than 130 sites across all levels, Percussion’s focus is on delivering an agile system that can help organizations evolve alongside emerging trends and technologies.

However, most government sites are content-driven. In other words, their primary transaction goal is sharing content with the public and empowering them to engage with an agency or organization. As a result, creating a viable multi-channel platform is essential. The type of content you want varies by location, time of day and what’s going on around you. And the site from which you want information better be able to deliver it to you, quickly and easily, whether you’re on a mobile device or at your desk.

Percussion’s CM 1 platform makes it easy to deploy a CMS that is both affordable and flexible. Considering that between the time you decide which CMS to use and when it’s actually deployed, many new social technologies and customer behaviors can emerge, Percussion makes it so you can deploy quickly and easily with your basics, and add in the appropriate widgets or plug-ins as you need them.

In keeping with the spirit of the Keynote. We asked Aaron to share with us his bold statement about the future of content.

Learning Opportunities

One Platform, Many Opportunities 

Next we spoke with Elcom, provider of a versatile and scalable web content management system designed to make creating, managing and measuring content seamless and integrated. Josh Anstey, Elcom’s vice president of partner engagement says more and more marketers are becoming an integral part of the web content management process. As a result, web content management systems need to accommodate social media integration for both customers and internal users.

In response, Elcom approaches web content from many perspectives. From a single platform, companies can manage websites, intranets, online portals, eCommerce and learning management systems, streamlining communications and workflows across channels. Additionally, Elcom's platform incorporates many different tools that are vital to the health your content, like integrated content analytics and A/B Split Web testing, which can be implemented from within the CMS and can be applied across all types of content. 

Elcom's flexibility makes it appealing to users who want to do more with their content than just publish it. Whether it's a mobile interface, company website or intranet, your content can be tailored to reach the right people at the right time on the right platform. 

Not to be ignored, we also asked Josh to share with us his bold statement about what he sees as the next big thing for content.