Pitch Sites is a new service design to support "sometimes sales people" -- you know, those people out there who need to reach out to potential customers, employees, partners to "pitch" an idea, service, job, something.

Today, 90 percent of people are pitching something”

This is from Sam Lawrence, Crushpath co-founder and chief executive officer (you might remember Lawrence the former CEO of Jive Software). Crushpath is the creator of Pitch Sites. Lawrence took me through a look at Pitch Sites and who it's meant for.

Lawrence is right, there are a lot of people out there today who want their products/services/needs known, but aren't full time sales people and therefore lack the tools to help them with their pitch. Pitch Sites can help them. It sure beats cold-calling, trading business cards or emailing (you won't get lost in the email shuffle that's for sure).

A Pitch Site is a one page site, you can have your own URL and it's essentially a visual for your elevator pitch. It's also not complicated to set up -- but please note, know what you want to say.

full recruiting.png

Sample Pitch Site

Looks straightforward right? It is. In some ways it reminds me of a landing page for marketing, but it's a little more advanced than that.

There's an entire back-end where you build and manage your Pitch Sites (yes, you can have more than one). There are a number of industry templates to help you get started including high tech/IT, insurance, real estate, recruiting (the one above is a sample), marketing/events, professional services/consulting. You can edit a template and there is some customization for the types content elements you can use.


A look at the backend of a Pitch Site 

Pitch Sites are shareable, they are searchable and you can share them across social media sites getting them quick attention. They can also be public or private and there are analytics reports in the back-end that give you information on the usage of your Pitch Site(s) -- unique visitors, return visitors, leads, conversion rate.

Pitch Sites is currently available for a two week trial. If you sign up before April 12th you can get an unlimited number of Pitch Sites with basic analytics for US$ 9/month. According to Lawrence, the average Pitch Sites owner creates between 8 and 10 pitch sites.

Managing the Responses to your Pitch Site

For those who want to take the management of Pitch Site leads further, there's Crushpath for teams (company license) offering more analytics and functionality to manage your relationships. This license includes integration with other applications including email, Box, Evernote and Salesforce, a relationship manager (which is much like an actionable Facebook timeline) and more analytics. It also enables you to make and record calls. 


Crushpath Analytics

Is Pitch Sites for You?

Pitch Sites seems like a great tool for individuals and small-to-mid sized businesses, but according to Lawrence it's a great fit inside the enterprise too. Think about it, we are in the age of the "personal enterprise". We bring our own devices to work, we use consumer based tools to get our work done. It's about empowering the individual in many ways. And that's what Pitch Sites aims to do. Empower you to get the word out quickly. It's visual storytelling with a call to action.

Someone thinks it's a good idea. Crushpath received US$ 6 million in funding led by Chamath Palihapitiya of Social + Capital Partnership with participation from George Zachary of Charles River Ventures. Angels: Phil Fernandez (CEO, Marketo), Dave Hersh (former CEO, Jive) Aaron Levie (CEO, Box) and Phil Libin (CEO, Evernote). That's a pretty knowledgeable group of people.

The concept is solid. The extended CRM support makes it a viable option for any business. If you've tried a Pitch Site, tell me how you made out. I'm going to try one or two myself.