Looking out for the little guy too, this week Pressly announced it will be launching a self-serve platform in the spring, so that any blogger can renovate his social media feeds and websites for tablets and mobile devices. Though originally focused on the major players, the independents of the world can now spiff up their palates and bolster competitive plans against major publications and/or each other. The age of the amateur journalist just took a turn for the better.

A Break for Indie Publishers

The announcement of its self-serve capabilities comes but a few months following Pressly’s initial launch last September. An HTML5 publishing platform created to reinvent and format online content for tablet web browsers, it is currently optimized for the iPad and has signed on a handful of major publications, such as The Toronto Star, The Economist Group, and a few hush hush others. By using Pressly’s web apps, publishers can fully monetize their content on mobile devices, as the software enables the display of full-page, engagement-driven advertisements, which can be inserted between articles.

And now, with the self-serve edition, anyone can jump on board. Pressly’s newest commodity brings the DIY-ers into the mix, as users will be able to transform their WordPress sites, Tumblr blogs, Twitter and other social feeds into tablet and touch-friendly sites that work on the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android tablets.

Using the programs pre-built templates, customization options and both a self-serve dashboard and WordPress plugin, the audience for the indie blogger just grew exponentially. Additionally, as we described before, Pressly allows for the consolidation of numerous systems, pulling "content from a variety of data and feed formats, including RSS, XML, JSON or even content straight from Twitter or a WordPress blog.”

The slogan for this debut, “Make any content look beautiful on touch devices.” From your Twitter profile to your daily personal-zine, Joe Schmo's news can go everywhere and look as good as Time.



Pressly vs. OnSwipe

Some are attributing the upgrade as a rush on Pressly's part to compete with OnSwipe, a similar platform who’s been edging ahead with clients like Marie Claire, Ryan Seacrest, Hollywood.com and Geek.com. Pressly will certainly gain heat with its countering product, nonetheless, as OnSwipe only offers self-serve capabilities for iPads.

The company begins the feature with limited roll-out in the coming months. Bloggers can sign up now on the site, and already everyone is amped by the news. In response to the piece on TechCrunch, Jay Fran comments, “This will be big! Many people will be happy with this new all touch platform!”

And the Twitter critics concur, commenting on the strength of the company’s strategy and new possibilities for mobile publishing.

“Looking forward to gaining access to Pressly's self-serve platform,” tweets @markevans.