This customer engagement thing continues to catch on.

Boston-based Provenir and KBM Group, out of Richardson, Texas, have entered into a partnership that company executives say will boost KBM's IMPACT 360 Consumer Engagement Platform (CEP). 

Provenir helps agencies make the "transformation" toward digital engagement by engaging consumers one at a time to "quickly dream up creative experiences and put them into action," according to Jeff Nicholson, vice president of marketing at Provenir.

It's all about "customer journeys" today where as in the "old days" it was "campaigns," he added.

"Today it's what kind of experience do we want our consumers to feel," Nicholson told CMSWire. "How should it feel as they interact with your brand on your mobile site? How should that connect with their experience in-store?"

Connecting Dots

custome experience, Provenir-KBM Partnership Promises Real-Time Customer Engagement

KBM Group’s platform enables data-driven customer engagement. IMPACT 360 applies analytics to extract insights from the data it connects and feeds marketing like loyalty, campaign and SEO.

What does Provenir add? The capability to connect and understand consumer transaction and profile histories within a cloud-based orchestration hub that manages customer lifecycles.

"This is an emerging space, a space that's just begun," Nicholson said. "Gartner calls it the customer engagement hub. It has a tremendous amount of potential."

Nicholson stands by the Provenir technology's ability to integrate disparate systems. He said their customer engagement approach helps agencies work with existing infrastructure by using its "pre-built adapters."

"They hook into almost anything," Nicholson said. "They can work with any database, campaign management, web content management system, mobile apps and even social."

The adapters, he said, build into an interface that "actually looks and feels like a whiteboard." Provenir technology acts as a context engine, officials added, that understands the individual and their stage in the customer journey.