Do you know about the customer engagement paradox? It occurs when companies implement a host of tools designed to listen to what the customer is saying across multiple channels but when combined, don’t actually play very well together. As such, the disconnect hinders real personal interaction and engagement — the very thing these tools were meant to amplify. To solve this, Provenir (pronounced /pro͞ov-nir/), has announced the creation of a new customer listening division, dedicated to the growing adoption of its new omni-channel customer listening and engagement platform. 

Combine & Conquer

Provenir aims to fill the gap and connect the dots between all the systems in play. It’s not a customer experience management tool, nor is it a customer relationship manager, nor does it do customer analytics. It simply works to empower brands to intelligently, rapidly and individually engage new and existing customers by combining enterprise customer listening, real-time decision making, and direct response capabilities across any channel, including social media, mobile applications, websites, email, and call centers, among others.

This image shows where the Provenir platform sits operationally. It connects, reads, listens, orchestrates and acts in between all these channels and existing systems. It’s the glue that sticks them all together.

Make the Right Connections

On one hand, companies will tell you that they’re invested in listening to the customer. But on the other hand, there’s a lot of information being pushed out to customers. If companies were really listening, there’d be a healthy mix of push and pull, and yet social media, for example, is still full of one-way conversations. In order to be truly effective, companies need to understand who is saying what and what actions are appropriate in reply. To do this on your own is time-intensive and involves manual transactions.


Within Provenir's interface, brands can (A) listen on multiple channels, (B) deepen the knowledge around the individual by understanding their contact history, (C) discern that the right thing to do is not always an offer, but could be to understand it is a complaint that needs attention, could be a service issue etc, and (D) action the outcome.

Provenir’s software is always on and its calculated decision engine can you help you take specific actions depending on the relationship. Not all actions should be universal -- doing so allows customer to game the system (e.g., if you complain enough, you’ll get something for free.) Provenir lets you set the parameters so customers who are identified as VIPs or brand loyalists get rewarded differently than first time or prospective customers.

Provenir is the result of more than a decade’s worth of streaming data and complex event processing experience from the financial services industry. Now, any industry can leverage its Omni-Channel Customer Listening and Engagement Platform to tackle the challenges of both customers’ and brands’ personal interaction expectations in a way that just makes sense.