Calling it a groundbreaking tool that provides relevant content on a customer-by-customer basis, Charlotte, NC based Randall-Reilly announced a data-driven, customized approach to business video presentations in its Real Time Content (RTC) product launch.

The company claims the video holds intelligent conversations, following prompts and questions that customers enter to create customized responses with the requested information. This in turn narrows down who the customer will ultimately speak to when put through to a real person. While the company says this saves the customer's time, they also tout the reductions in labor such a service can give to its salesforce:

By accelerating the sales process, salespeople can focus on closing deals from qualified leads, automatically generated by RTC."

Human Presenter

RTC human video presenter.png

RTC Video Screen Shot of Human Presenter

Unlike past virtual solutions, Randall-Reilly said its online salesperson is not "digitized" or "robotic," but an actual human being presenting on behalf of the company. At the core is a proprietary adaptive video experience, customized to deliver a highly personalized video experience, the company said. Each user always receives unique relevant information, with a solution that scales without adding staff.  

Schwartz sees the technology moving in ways they can't predict, but remains open to customer demands. “We believe the virtual presenter concept will be applied in ways we’ve just begun to imagine," he said. Areas of focus for the company include sales, service, education and entertainment, plus recruiting, the company said.

Target Sales Organizations

For now the group sees sales as a key adopter of the technology. “RTC is what I’ve always dreamed of - an endless supply of great salespeople. It’s just the way we would deliver our messages if we had unlimited resources," said Real Time Content client Bill Ault, President of Equipment Data Associates. 

As each "meaningful conversation" is taking place on-line, the corporate message is delivered consistently based on feedback and specific customer requirements. At the same time, the technology identifies the most qualified leads, based on a user’s behaviors and responses. Then after the prospect is educated and informed, the live sales person is brought in to follow-up and close the deal.