Are you a social media manager looking for ideas for topics you can post about online? Are you a content manager who is trying to simplify the process of creating, updating and publishing blog posts, while incorporating edits from contributors? Then look no further than Relaborate, a new content creation platform.

Reply + Elaborate = Relaborate

How difficult is it for your write and publish blog posts? Sure, you have an editorial calendar and outlined your key messages, but what does the workflow look like? If you’re like many of us you have an inbox full of edits and comments, which doesn’t make it especially easy to make updates and publish the final blog post. Relaborate make it easier for content and social media managers to effectively oversee the content creation process, while making it easy for contributors and editors to comment and provide feedback before publishing.

Relaborate doesn't just help simplify the content creation process. It’s also designed to help brands better connect with customers and drive site traffic. Curious about what you should write about? Relaborate offers an intuitive Q&A-based platform that sources usable materials in real-time to help fill the content void for long-form posts and articles.

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Unlock Organizational Insights

Though you’ve identified the subject matter experts within your organization, their access to the content being created is usually limited, which can make it hard for them to give feedback until after several versions have been drafted. Their feedback is often given in the form of Word documents attached to emails. It’s not ideal and doesn’t foster the collaboration that most social media manager and content mangers want to facilitate.

With Relaborate it’s much easier to unlock the insights from subject matter experts across an organization so long-form content that resonates best with your audience can be created, edited and published quickly and effectively.


Recommendations, Collaboration & Integrated Workflows - Oh My!

Built with semantic technology, Relaborate dynamically identifies relevant trending topics, prompting the author with article and image suggestions that can be automatically placed directly within a post.  Additionally, Relaborate enables content managers to both identify the subject matter experts in their organization and then prompt them with leading questions to facilitate the content development process.

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Perhaps most helpful is that content managers can use Relaborate to organize the entire content management workflow through an integrated editorial calendar, team collaboration, and direct publishing across multiple channels and accounts.

Creating and publishing relevant and accessible content isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult. By incorporating Relaborate into your content strategy, you may find that your ability to create responsive and accurate content, while facilitating collaboration among expert contributors helps streamline the process from concept to publish.