RIM's BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones will get their first proper public unveiling at a New York event at the end of next January, marking what it hopes will be a major turnaround in the company's fortunes.

BlackBerry in the Big Apple

As the smartphone news peters out toward the end of 2012, RIM is readying the world for its comeback performance with the launch of BB10 hardware and a whole new OS. The event is set for 30 January in New York and promises a first look of the OS and the redesigned and re-imagined hardware. 

That will coincide with the company's Jam developer event and the promise of a February 2013 release. RIM already has development hardware out in the wild,  but something sleeker and shinier is promised for the final hardware, while the SDK is already in final form with developers. Pricing and availability are likely to be key points raised at the event. 

After many delays, RIM's CEO has already said this is the firm's last shot at major success and all eyes will be on enterprise sales and consumer interest in a new range of devices. RIM already has government security accreditation for the OS, but with most vendors seeking .gov big bucks, RIM is under pressure in every area including enterprise BYOD trends and plummeting consumer sales. 

Learning Opportunities

Fighting Talk

BlackBerry's business credentials are being bolstered with a major test in 120 enterprises, with half of them in Fortune 500 companies, according to Bloomberg

RIM should launch into a relatively quiet period of new devices, with a rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 device lurking somewhere in development, and Nokia's mid-range Lumia 620 might make rather a splash to help Windows Phone 8 sales.

However, Apple Apple fans will be looking into the second half of 2013 for any major news of new iPad or iPhone designs, with the company seemingly focused on the TV and home media markets for the next year.