In what has to be one of the deals of the week it has just been announced that Salesforce has bought out the French content connector software company EntropySoft. The interesting thing about it is that it appears to have happened about a month ago, there was no announcement made, and EntropySoft’s website doesn't really exist anymore.

EntropySoft Connectors

When we say it doesn’t have a web presence anymore we mean that when you click on the website URL for EntropySoft, you get to a single page asking you to email any queries to somewhere that is presumably Salesforce.

While some are suggesting that the deal sees Salesforce moving into the Enterprise CMS space, the reality is that this is not really what EntropySoft does.

EntropySoft does not do ECM per se, but offers enterprises something that was just as valuable, and did it well too. It offers the potential of connecting content repositories to each other, which, with the current pressure on enterprises to turn content into business value, is invaluable.

By this we mean the ability to extract information about customers with a view to establishing better customer relationships.

By the end of last year, EntropySoft had connectors for just about all of the major ECM systems on planet Earth and its future looked profitable with a US$ 3.5 million fund to develop its presence in the US, which by all accounts was going well.

Then BAM! -- its website disappears and it is leaked that Salesforce has entered the scene and offered it an undisclosed sum of money to buy it out.

Salesforce’s Buisness

Initially you might be left scratching you head as to why Salesforce would be interested here, until you look at EntropySoft's OEM agreements with the likes of IBM, EMC, Symantec and many others, as well as its SharePoint Connectors that are sure to be a big hit once SharePoint 2013 is released.

In light of the fact that Saleforce is the CRM-CXM vendor par excellence, and that one of the key elements in a superior customer experience, or relationship management effort is having as much customer knowledge as possible, then the EntropySoft acquisition makes not just sense, it makes a natural fit.

EntropySoft in Salesforce

Imagine an enterprise that has a number of different repositories and a pile of different information about the same client in many of these repositories. Enter EntropySoft. It provides a set of content connectors, or libraries, that convert the native APIs of any content-centric-application into a normalized interface, that enables you to easily pull together information from all these different repositories into a single view. It also positions itself as a checkpoint between the enterprise and the cloud.

For Salesforce, with the EntropySoft portfolio not only can it offer the technologies to interpret and use the content from a wide range of repositories, but it also offers enterprises the ability to connect all their repositories and derive better customer insights.

The team at EntropySoft have also been playing flawlessly since the company was set up in 2005, and even over the past year, its production rate has been impressive, which adds another little bit of added value into the deal. Let’s watch where this goes.