Cloud giant Salesforce has chosen Badgeville to drive engagement with its tools for building web apps.

Cloud apps are great because they can run anywhere, but it doesn't matter if people don't find the app appealing or intuitive to use right?. Whenever businesses roll out a new app, there's always a chance it won't be successful for a variety of reasons.

Getting people engaged with the app, and getting them to use it in a productive way are what gamification companies like Badgeville are all about.

Use Games to Spur Adoption

Salesforce is integrating the Badgeville gamified system into so developers can take advantage of its behavior driven tools and social mechanics know how. Web apps can be built to include things like achievements and, of course, badges that reward people for completing profiles or meeting a deadline, for example.

Furthermore, by appealing to people's need to measure themselves against each other, Badgeville uses what it calls reputation mechanics to lift a person's status when they accomplish certain tasks. That way, users can see where they rank among their peers in terms of adoption, use, collaboration or whatever metric is being used.


Badgville announced its integration is generating adoption rates in the 50% improvement range.

Behavior Platform developers have access to Badgeville's Behavior Platform, and it will allow them to measure, influence and reward the most desired behaviors needed for their apps. Instead of users loading up the app a couple of times, clicking around and then never using it again, the Behavior Platform is meant to prod them along on the path to proper usage.

We call it gamification, which really is a silly name, but it's based on behavior science, something much more concrete. Additionally, Badgeville includes the proper analytics that can accurately measure just how engaged users become when using the gamified apps. Whether motivated by rankings, rewards or increased status, the kinds of games that work the best should jump right out when the data is analyzed.

Developers of apps have access to Badgville's API today so they can leverage these tools across the Salesforce world. Badgeville for Salesforce is available in the AppExchange, and pricing starts at US $10 per user per month.