Samsung is the new Apple. At least until the hype machine builds up for the next iPhone. For now, Samsung is ramping up for its March 14 debut of the next must have superphone, the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Dominating Mobile

As the world's number one smartphone maker, and with its ever expanding line up of different sized phone and tablets, Samsung has emerged as the ultimate power in the mobile device universe. No one has been able to challenge Apple in the smartphone world since the iPhone debut in 2007, but Samsung has risen to the challenge, and now is in full ramp up mode ahead of the Galaxy S4 launch in New York.

Just two years ago, Samsung would have debuted its new phone at the annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Now, like Apple, Samsung holds its own press events to debut its flagship devices, a process that Microsoft is also beginning to emulate.

Before we get to the March 14 event, Samsung has released a new teaser video that doesn't poke fun of Apple or Microsoft devotees, but instead focuses on the potential mystique of what the S4 potentially has in store.

The video depicts a 12-year-old boy who has been entrusted to keep the S4 safe before launch, and his giddy joy at being selected to stash away what could become Samsung's best selling device ever. When he's first presented the box containing the device, he jumps out of his chair in a rush of excitement no doubt familiar to any tech fanatics awaiting the latest and greatest gadgets.

Mobile Confounding Businesses

Whatever mobile devices are snapped up by consumers, many will eventually make it into the workplace where they'll mostly not be welcomed. Consumer grade electronics are infiltrating businesses at breakneck speed, but integrating them into critical business applications is holding back their wholesale dominance of the workplace.

Many companies will allow emails to be viewed on someone's personal mobile device, for example, but other applications and documents are often not integrated because of security, development and cost issues.

For the enterprise, it matters little if someone is bringing an Apple or Samsung device to work, a trend that may even be working its way into the consumer's mind. Devices are launched nearly every month now, and software updates nearly as often. As the device landscape widens, buyers have more options than ever, and nobody has taken advantage of this more than Samsung.

As a leader in the manufacture of computing components, the company has a built in advantage when it comes to manufacturing. Additionally, its wide range of devices available around the world has shifted the consumer landscape in its favor. For the last two years, the company has been increasingly deft at one of Apple's strongest attributes; marketing.

Apple has always been the leader in this category, and now Samsung may even be catching up to it in there. Samsung's newest video doesn't pack the celebrity punch or mocking tone of other campaigns, but instead opts for inducing a child's sense of wonder at what may lie ahead with the new Galaxy S4.

Samsung and Apple will continue to battle it out in 2013, but whoever is more successful in consumer sales will still face the same issues in the workplace. Let us know in the comments if you are still enjoying a new phone from the holidays or if the first big launch of the year is making it look a bit less enticing.