Savos Digital Postcards CDNifys Free SSL and More

Savo's Digital Postcards, CDNify's Free SSL and More

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There's plenty of news to share this week: Showpad's new features, Brainshark's new filters, Widen's integration with ProofHQ and CDNify's free SSL.

Welcome Real-time launches its location service and Savo reveals digital postcards. Plus, Good Technology's newest Mobility Index Report is out and TouchConnect offers ways to move customers to self-service.

Showpad Adds New Features

Showpad, a mobile platform that delivers contextual content for sales, is rolling out new features, including a customer-specific personal channel, integration with Microsoft OneDrive and Gmail, and real time feedback and analysis. The company, based in Ghent, Belgium and San Francisco, reports  700 percent revenue growth and 500 global customers in just 18 months. 

showpad product shot 1.png

Showpad on a tablet

Brainshark Adds Filters, Themes

Speaking of presentations, cloud-based business presentation service Brainshark has added custom filters to its content portal and new appearance themes to its desktop player. The filters allow sales pros to quickly find relevant presentations, according to customized categories.

Brainshark - custom filters.png

Custom filters in Brainshark

Widen Integrates with ProofHQ

DAM provider Widen Enterprises has integrated its Media Collective with ProofHQ's proofing solution. The combo is intended to speed up review and approval workflows.

CDN CDNify Launches with Free SSL

CDNify has launched its content delivery network (CDN) and is offering custom SSL at no additional charge. "Selling someone a CDN without custom SSL as standard," said technical lead Nick Todd in a statement, "is like selling someone a house without any locks on it."

Here's SAVO Inspire Digital Postcards

Following its January acquisition of StoryQuest, Inc., the SAVO Group in Chicago has launched a new digital postcard app called SAVO Inspire.

The company said its new interactive multimedia product generates an open rate six times higher than regular HTML emails, on average. A click on the email link leads to a hosted microsite that contains tabs with a story narrative, relevant context, supporting content and a call to action.

Learning Opportunities

Inspire Screenshot.jpg

The SAVO Group's Inspire digital postcard

Welcome Real-time Expands Location Service

France-based Welcome Real-time, a provider of marketing and loyalty solutions, is out with its proximity-based service, Welcome-OmniConnect. The new offering provides reminders, offers or personalized messages based on context and history to visitors near a store. Examples: "20 percent off all jeans today" or "Your 10,000 points can be redeemed here for goods." 

Good Tech's Newest Mobility Index Report

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Good Technology has released its Mobility Index Report for the fourth quarter of 2013. It tracks and analyzes app, platform and device preferences worldwide. It points to more iOS activations, a 34 percent increase in device activations year-over-year and document editing as the most activated enterprise app.

TouchCommerce Encourages Self-Service

touchconnect-callagent with TouchBrowse.jpg

Co-browsing with TouchConnect

Contact centers are struggling to deal with all those channels that customers are using. So how can companies deal with omnichannel experiences? One option is TouchConnect, online engagement provider TouchCommerce's collaboration solution.

It is designed to lead customers off traditional call channels and to self-service online, by offering co-browsing with the call center operator, self-serving options in the interactive voice response environment or relevant content that can be provided through transfer-to-chat.

Images from Brainshark, TouchCommerce, Showpad and Savo Group.