Singly, a peer to peer sharing startup, has released a layer of developer tools that enables mobile and web apps to quickly connect to over 35 services for things like social login and friend finding.

Upon starting up the development process of a new app, often some of the base layer IT issues like provisioning servers and writing server side software need to be set up first. Singly has released what it calls its AppFabric for easily setting up things like sharing, social login and friend finding with services like Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, Dropbox, Google+ and others.

iOS, Android + Web Versions Now Live

When a new app goes into production, there's lots of ground work that needs to happen before the app gets built. One of those things is simply allowing people to sign into the app using their Facebook account, for example. Using Singly, developers can speed up this integration, and make it easier for their apps to pull in the most important bits of data from the newly connected services.

In other words, developers will have to spend less time setting up API's for their chosen integrations, and instead can focus on the core features of their new app. Singly's beta release of the AppFabric SDK is in use by over 250 early beta testers like Cloudmine and Zeppelin . Web, iOS and Android SDK's are available now starting at US $99 per month.


Singly connects apps to these services with either the AppFabric or Data Fabric Infrastructure platforms.

Web 3.0 Needs Deep Connections

Mobility and the maturation of the Web have made for a bit of fractured experience for most of us. While there is still a ways to go to see barriers come down between apps and the core services so many of us use, tools like the AppFabric are simplifying this.

Just by making it easier for apps to connect with each other for seamless login is a step in the right direction. Yes, the oAuth standard being used isn't perfect, but connecting so may services like LinkedIn, YouTube, PayPal and WordPress, for example, people can benefit from the best parts of the apps they use the most. 

AppFabric is US $99 per month for one million users, and includes access to the 35 above listed services. There's also the Data Fabric Infrastructure, and this is a more customized offering from Singly. It's priced per instance, and it offers data weaving like syncing, intelligent indexing, deep data querying, archiving, instant push notifications and normalization.