Sitecore Engage Offers Publishers, Web Marketers Resources for Content Optimization
Sitecore has announced the launch of an online resource for web marketers, publishers and business users called Sitecore Engage. Multimedia, text and other content on Sitecore Engage are designed to help align web and business strategies for better audience engagement.

A Rich Resource for Information Exchange

Sitecore Engage provides targeted resources, including training videos, guides and blogs, which are all aimed at helping Sitecore users improve their web engagement strategies and overall business goals. The service lets Sitecore users interact with other users and Sitecore experts from organizations around the world.

Pam Hanlon, Sitecore customer relations manager, says the company wants to empower customers to solve challenges and issues more easily, and has provided Sitecore Engage as an information exchange for experts and users. "Sitecore Engage was designed to educate business and marketing professionals on the many possibilities of Sitecore's software -- in a casual peer-to-peer environmnet," she says.

Sitecore Engage has launched with the following features:

Learning Opportunities

  • Video tutorials on how to get the most ROI from Sitecore's products
  • Tips and tricks in various topics and niches, including web copy, customer engagement and marketing
  • Focus areas on Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and Digital Marketing System (DMS)
  • Editing and publishing tips and advice
  • A selection of Q&As
  • Blog posts from Sitecore users and advocates.

Engaging the Sitecore Users

Sitecore has recently positioned its SaaS offerings as a customer engagement platform. CEP includes Sitecore's Web CMS and Digital Marketing Suite, and offers inline persona-based content management, engagement automation, multivariate testing and analytics, among others. More than managing an outward-facing website itself, Sitecore now involves the website, email, mobile, and social networks. With Sitecore Engage, Sitecore users are encouraged to participate in an open exchange of information and sharing of best practices with other Sitecore users.

Accessible via, Sitecore Engage is a free resource, although registration and prior approval are required before users can access the content, discussions and media in the site.