Sitecore (news, site), provider of web contentmanagement and customer engagement solutions, has released its SharePointIntegration Framework, which allows users to integrate Sitecore CMS withcontent stored in SharePoint.

Sitecore Plus SharePoint

Many organization use SharePoint as a document managementandcollaboration tool to improve internal workflow, but have elected to leverage other platforms, like Sitecore, for web content management. Despite leveraging twotools,there may still be a need to share content to avoid the costand effortassociated with redundant information.

Sitecore has solved this issue with its newly announcedSharePointIntegration Framework, which provides a real-time connection between Sitecore and SharePoint. The new framework is not the company’s firsteffortat providing access to information stored in SharePoint toSitecore users. Thenew framework replaces an existing SharePointConnector with a morefull-featured solution.

The SharePoint Integration Framework can be used with allversions ofSharePoint from 2007 and up, including Windows SharePoint Services(WSS)to connect to Sitecore СMS 6.3, CMS 6.4, CMS 6.5 and with Sitecore Intranet Portal 3.2. The product provides a number of features like:

  • Real-time connection to SharePoint views,folders and search
  • Active Directory single sign-on
  • Bidirectional item provider
  • Performance tuning

In addition, Sitecore’s SharePoint Integration Frameworkprovidesthree styles of integration for users: page, item and API level.

Integration Approaches

Page level integration allows users to display SharePointlists, addmenu items and interact with SharePoint content from withinSitecore.This allows organizations to share pre-existing information in a familiar format without the complexity of recreating or synchronizingbetweensystems.


Editing SharePoint menus from Sitecore

Item level integration exposes SharePoint content asSitecore itemsand allows real-time or scheduled bi-directional content changes between SharePoint and Sitecore.

Learning Opportunities

The lowest level integration option isAPIlevel integration. This allows developers to customize theframework byexposing SharePoint content as a Sitecore object andprovides a bi-directionalpipeline for managing content.

Sitecore has made an effort to make the integrationframework easy touse. In addition to the functionality, Sitecore includesseveralcustomizable sample controls for page level integration and an integration wizard for item level integration.


The item integration wizard

Users of Sitecore that have also made an investment in SharePoint will appreciate being able to reuse the content without incurring additional licensing costs for SharePoint or the complexity and effort with attempting to synchronize content.

Are you using Sitecore and SharePoint? Will you be using the new integration framework. We would love to hear from you.