Today, web content management provider Telerik releases the next update to Sitefinity Web CMS, this time with a focus on easier administration to get your websites up and running quickly.

Website Administration

With Sitefinity 4.4 you get a fully integrated Module Builder. With it, you can easily create new content types using a web-based user interface. Using the Module Builder, an administrator can fully define a content type with any validation and required fields. Once a custom module is implemented, the system will automatically create the necessary admin screens, workflow, permissions and APIs.


Module Builder

A new Code Reference tool enables developer documentation to be placed with a custom module.

Customization is among the key features when choosing a CMS, especially for our clients who are always striving to maximize productivity. The focus of Sitefinity has always been on making everyone using the system more productive as well as making Sitefinity easier and more pleasant to work with,” said Martin Kirov, executive vice president of Sitefinity, Telerik.

Keep Websites & Environments in Sync

With this release there is also a new synchronization feature that will speed up the synchronization of data across websites and environments. Built on the CMIS content standard, the feature is called Site Sync and it ensures that administrators can quickly move all types of data across websites and multi-tier environments.


E-Commerce Updates Too

Sitefinity 4.4 also offers a few updates to its e-commerce capabilities including:

  • Product variations
  • Multi-lingual store
  • More backend filters for filtering products

Also new in this release is the ability use Azure for cloud storage, some new social sharing buttons and additional integration with Twitter. And there's more.

Sitefinity 4.3 was only released a little over a month ago and included a number of new features itself. It's good to see regular updates coming from this Web CMS provider, demonstrating that it is keeping up with all the features required for a solid content management system.