In a world full of strife and disagreements, you can take comfort that at least we’ve found a way for social, mobile and apps to work together. Well, Direct Message Labs have, anyway. And with their latest Reach platform, end-to-end marketers can effectively manage their presence across various platforms and applications all in one place.

Unified Social Communications

With Reach v4, Direct Message Labs has added new functionality that aims to create and manage social campaigns seamlessly and simultaneously. But it’s not just social media pages that you can monitor. Reach v4 allows brands to manage multiple channels, including social network pages, profiles as well as social, mobile and desktop applications, which makes it so much easier to engage and target content to their audience where they feel most comfortable.

It's a SoMoLo World, After All

With so much talk about SoMoLo, it's fairly obvious why this is useful. Marketers are hard pressed to maintain active engagement across multiple platforms, whether it be a tried and true favorite, or the next big thing. Being able to manage it all from within one dashboard definitely makes it more manageable, but Reach v4 also provides demographics and social actions (comments, likes, followers, etc), so that you can target them more precisely. Additionally, Reach collects a plethora of metrics so that types of activity can be measured across all channels.

As more and more platforms are developed to allow users the ability and convenience to share, check-in, download, like, follow and more, being able to track and understand how each of these behaviors affects the bottom line can be rather overwhelming. With Reach v4 you can post comments, reply to inquiries, measure brand sentiment and export it all into your CRM.

Social or Socially Engaged?

However, technology is still only a tool. Knowing how and why to integrate such platforms into your communications and marketing strategies, takes more than just technology. It also requires that you understand what it is to reach out to your constituents. At the core of every social media business strategy is customer experience. If you’re not fully committed to engage with your users, it really won’t matter what tool you use.