Springpad, the Android and iOS productivity app, has been completely redesigned, and a new look accompanies added features that make Springpad more social. It really does look quite a bit more like the uber-popular Pinterest app that has the Web world sharing their favorite things in a more visual way.

Springpad launched the new design April 11, and while the Android version seems to be having a few blips upon roll out, most will likely be addressed soon. It is a free app, after all.

springpad app.jpg

Springpad's new iPad layout shows how important photo sharing has become in the app world. Photo credit: Spring Partners

On the Google Play Springpad page, there are dozens of poor ratings regarding the new look, but the iTunes page has no customer reviews up. On Springpad's Facebook page, there are some instructions from the Springpad team about particular bugs they do know about. People who already had the app installed before the update may be seeing zero counts in their notebook covers, and the app will adjust that count in the coming days as it updates, Springboard promised.

New Context & Discovery Features

As far as notetaking apps, it comes down to Evernote or Springpad for many people. While Evernote seems to have the productivity power user demographic locked up, Springpad has obviously decided it may be a better idea to ride the social movement that's taking over every facet of online life.

Both apps are great for snapping up all kinds of information and sorting it out later, but Springpad now adds context and discovery to your notes. For example, if you type in info about your favorite television show, Springpad can give you related info like time and channel, but also allow you to connect other people to your notebook. The great part about that is you get to choose exactly who can access that content. So, you can decide if you just want to share it with your friends or if the whole world might benefit from your keen insight.

Furthermore, if you are looking for some new ideas about fashion or food, for example, you can find a public notebook in the Springpad network and follow along. You don't have to follow that user's entire feed however, just the parts you find interesting. That's a pretty powerful feature, so anyone who's now going through apps like Pinterest might find themselves looking to Springpad for some similar features.

Scan, Record, Snap

Notebooks can be created by shooting pictures, recording sound and scanning barcodes. With the updated Springpad 3.0, new notebooks can be yours only or can be worked on collaboratively with the people you choose. Of course, no software update would be complete without new design options, and Springpad 3.0 obliges with new themes for your favorite notebook designs. Additionally, there is a new Smart Bar that can help add to a notebook by recommending new ideas. Any searches entered here will be completed with a new feature that can understand what an entry like, 'pick up dry-cleaning tonight' really means.

The app can make a new task for you and at the same time synch with Google Calender. Both the Android and iOS versions are free, and you'll need Android version 2.1 or iOS version 4.0 or higher to run it. The iOS version runs on iPhone, iPad and Touch. Let us know in the comments what features you look for in any productivity apps you use and if you think it's a security risk to include so much sharing.