Customer Communication Management (CCM) is the domain of dealing with software used to assemble, format, personalize and distribute physical and electronic communication to customers. CCM is a key business need for enterprises and an enabler for interfacing with customers in almost every industry and vertical.

What is Your Legacy System Costing You?

Despite enhancement of capabilities in the CCM domain and the maturity of CCM platforms, the majority of enterprises are still stuck with legacy systems specializing in print channel outputs. They have either avoided upgrading their platforms or simply cannot build a business case within their organizations for an upgrade. Consequently, these organizations are stuck with batch/structured communications and are unable to leverage new CCM capabilities like multi-channel enablement, enhanced personalization and efficient document assembly/post-composition mechanisms.

It is important that CIO’s compute the 'real' costs of their legacy CCM systems and utilize that information to create a business case for upgrading these systems.

Here are some of the key cost parameters to determine TCO of a CCM system:


Work on the Business Case

As a next step after the computation of TCO, platform owners/business owners are recommended to work towards an ROI to strengthen the business case for upgrade or consolidation of their legacy customer communication management systems.

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