This week saw the end of our July editorial focus on cross channel Customer Experience. However, our recent mobile poll results showed that the mobile web is rapidly climbing your priority lists, and staying there.

We also looked at how context can define a great online customer experience with Ian Truscott, 5 ways a Web CMS supports cross-channel marketing with Patrick Emmons and 4 ingredients for a successful social web strategy with Adam Mertz.

Along similar lines, applying social media practices to social business turns out not to work so well. Our popular article 4 Best Practices for Transitioning from Social Media to Social Business steers you over the common hurdles.

In the news the W3C updated their content internalization checker, Web CMS vendor Ektron released a significant update, and uncle Google readied Google+ for Business.

In August we'll be taking a deep dive into SharePoint in the Enterprise -- taking an in-depth look at where SharePoint is strongest, where it relies on partners most and where other platforms/solutions are a better fit. Stay cool. Stay tuned.


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