The File Sharing Wars
There's a war brewing over file sharing in the enterprise. Box may think it has it made, but Salesforce, EMC -- even Alfresco -- have other plans. At Dreamforce in San Francisco next week Salesforce will put some cards on the table. But the games are just beginning. Stay tuned.

Monitoring Social Media
A recent report says that marketers are not monitoring and measuring social media very well.

Need a little help? Check out these 5 tools to monitor social media impact.

Re-inventing Communications
Email is dead. But that's not the point. The point is that how we communicate is changing -- with our customers, employees and our partners. Social business may sound like a fuzzy word, but ignore it and you may be setting your business up for failure.

Reminder: Tweet Jam Next Wednesday
Here's a final poke -- our digital marketing tweet jam takes place next week, Wednesday Sep 19th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT. Join us to talk about how to make use of all that data you take the time to collect. Follow #CXMChat to hear what our panelists are saying.

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