Aside from the big 4th of July celebrations in the US, it was a week of solid insights and opinions, including a discussion on what responsive design means for marketing. Following that we looked at why marketing and IT must align, and brought you some data about how the social software market is booming.

Content Marketing & Web CMS
Your Web CMS may not have what it takes to handle the Content Marketing challenge. If you're headed down this road, check out Content Marketing: The Changing Role of the Web CMS.

Learning Opportunities

Tweet Jam in July: Content Marketing
Coming this month, we will gather together experts in the field on content marketing for our July 25th #CXMChat. Drop us a line if you'd like to be a panelist.  

Webinar: Understanding Responsive Design for Mobile Web Experience
Learn about the business side of Responsive Design and see how to better engage your mobile customers.

> Join CMSWire's July 10 Webinar

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