Tiki CMS 11.0 Released with Drag + Drop File Control, Inline Editing
Tiki CMS 11.0, a major release, has been announced, and it adds many features to the open source system like drag and drop file control, inline editing and the Tiki Console, a command line based administration interface.

Goodbye Tiki 10, Tiki 9 Still Long Term Support Version

As a PHP based CMS, Tiki 11 requires using PHP 5.3, and so for those who need pre 5.3 support, it is suggested to use Tiki 9, the long term support version. Tiki 11 is here just in time as the group of developers tries to maintain its six month release schedule for major updates.

Tiki developers like to maintain a release early, release often theme, and so minor versions come out more regularly, and long term support versions every third major update. This is common approach for open source systems, but what separates Tiki is how its components are more baked into its core than its competitors.

Open source systems often rely on third party extensions, and Tiki uses them as well, just not for as many core features. This is meant to be good for stability, and to support less complex upgrades.

Updated Themes, Translation Support

As noted in the intro, two of the biggest advancements with Tiki 11 are for drag and drop file control and inline editing. These are more or less mandatory in 2013, so it's good they are in this version. Files can be dragged and dropped inside of file galleries, and some can also be moved to and from the desktop.

Several existing themes have been updated, but three more have also been added. Additionally, Tiki 11 now supports Bing Translator, Gravatar for a consistent avatar across many applications, and has added a list top bloggers module.

Tiki 11 is available for download, and is freely available in 40 languages. There is also a domo page on the Tiki website for testing and generally getting familiar with the system.