Tim Cook Hints at the Future of All Things Apple During D11 Chat

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Quite why CEOs are invited to ATD's events I'm not sure, they can't comment on anything the company has yet to disclose, generally toe the company line and regurgitate the usual spiel on existing issues. Still, Tim Cook did drop some vague hints as to what's to come from Apple at this year's chat. 

Talking to the Hand of Apple

About the only clear facts Tim Cook gave out during last night's D11 chat with Kara and Walt, was that Apple has acquired nine companies since October and has a new head for its environmental efforts. That should start quite a hunt for the small satellites sucked into Apple's voluminous gravity field. What technology or software could they bring to future devices or the next iOS? 

That kind of digging is the only way we'll find out what's going on inside Cupertino as otherwise, Tim was his usual coy self. With Apple's major WWDC keynote likely to reveal a raft of devices and updates just a couple of weeks away, perhaps this is the wrong time of year to be asking Apple anything.

Yes, the company is working on something TV-related but won't say what, and Tim diverted attention from the issue by dropping a number-bone of 13 million Apple TV dongle sales, signaling that this is clearly more than a "hobby" for the company.

Among his other hints were that Apple is doing something in the wearable computing field but was again Aerogel-light on any detail. He was a little down on Google's Glass project and with reason. while the geek community might be up on the goggles, will millions of consumers really want to be wearing something so intrusive? Which leaves the Apple iWatch as the logical way forward. 

Learning Opportunities

What Lies Beneath

One possible concession the Apple CEO hinted at for developers was an opening up of Apple's iOS APIs, allowing them to code a little closer to the metal than they are currently allowed. Some more on that might be announced at WWDC, but with the rampant OS diversion, feature creep and potential for further jailbreaking attempts, this might be pretty limited. 

Cook himself was fairly reticent discussing his management style, "I don't like to talk about myself," which ended that line of questioning and was pretty vague about life at the top of the Apple tree. The rest of the chart offers a few mildly interesting insights, but without the impact or off-the-cuff revelations are these events are supposed to bring. Also, Walt Mossberg really takes forever to get to a question, you might want to wait for an edited version. 

As you'd expect, taxes were discussed, but that's pretty much old news now. With these hints at ground-breaking and game-changing tech to come, all we can do is sit and wait for it to roll out the labs, But, here's hoping for more interesting candidates for D12.