Tremor Video Simplifies Multi-Channel Video Ad Deployment
Tremor Video has built a platform that can build video ads that will run on any mobile device, and it's all done from a tool called Mobile Creative Platform. 

Videos might be expensive to make, but now those campaigns can be scaled faster, and more people can be reached with a minimum amount of re-tooling for different screen sizes. 

Video Ads Heating Up

As data speeds and mobile networks increase and grow larger, more people will be watching more video. Google has already launched Ad Words for video, so the space is obviously ready for the kind of tools Tremor is offering.

Additionally, MediaMind released a study back in March announcing video was by far the most effective at getting people to view ads online. Most of that video is still pretty static, and the problem of so many different screen sizes has been a speedbump to attracting all those eyeballs. Tremor Video now has a sort of one-size-fits-all approach with its Mobile Creative Platform.

Tremor Customers First

The new system can recognize screen sizes on various mobile phones and tablets, and then build the video players tailored for each one. It includes an editor that simplifies content creation and allows the system to create and format the proper ad for each screen size/type of device. Tremor customers will be able to use the system first, but a tool built for other systems could be in the works from Tremor as well.