Rich Media, Video Ads Make Bigger Impression Than Static Displays
The Web is moving away from static displays and web pages, and even advertising companies are warming up to the trend of using rich media in their campaigns. A recent study by MediaMind gives credence to the need to spend more effort in building rich media displays, as these attract more web views and user actions than static ad displays by more than 600%.

MediaMind has released results of research aimed at determining the viability of multimedia advertising. The study was done with 24,000 creatives and spanned 12 billion impressions in North America through the last six months of 2011.

Rich Media = Call to Action

The conclusion is that rich media, such as videos and animation, are more likely to attract Web users into action, which may include direct access to a website, clicks or conversions. "[U]sers exposed to rich media ads are far more likely to end up on an advertiser’s website to seek information about products or to complete a purchase," the MediaMind study says.

A summary of the findings:

  • Direct Access: Inclusion of rich media boosts site visits by three times, while inclusion of video actually increases the likelihood of users accessing an advertiser's website by six times. These include direct access or clicking to gain access to an advertiser's site.
  • Conversions: Rich media also calls Web users into action. Users are four times more likely to click and visit an advertiser's website with rich media. The factor is increased to ninefold with video content.
  • Brand Exposure. Rich media ads also make an impression on a user, who will be more likely to gain access to a brand's website independently of the currently-accessed site. Rich media results in 1.7 times increased access to a brand website, while video results in 1.9 times more activity.

MediaMind Site visits with Rich Media

MediaMind concludes that the use of rich media enhances the value of marketing and promotional campaigns. "More visible and engaging, rich media ads add value to both brand advertising and direct response advertising."

Better Interactivity = More User Engagement

This seems to agree with a related finding by Adobe that a fifth of content viewed in Digital Publishing Suite apps are for advertisements, and more than half of the readers have viewed ads. While static advertising is not exactly dead, users are attracted to the interactivity offered by rich media ads, especially those on devices such as tablet computers or touchscreen smartphones.

The key here is the use of rich media displays -- and video -- in improving customer experience, and at the same time making sure your brand makes an impression on the readers, whether they act now (click) or act later (remember your brand name or service).