Trilibis Embraces Device Aware Mantra for Mobile Websites
Responsive Web design has been catching on in 2013, but the technology is not without its drawbacks. Now, a company called Trilibis is moving past responsive design to a device aware technology using a lightweight server plugin.

Mobile Websites Still in Demand

Many organizations continue to look at building separate mobile websites, but Trilibis is encouraging organizations to adopt a write once, use everywhere strategy instead, Ted Verani, Trilibis SVP of sales and marketing said in an interview.

Trilibis has long been working to help companies improve their mobile websites, but with the advent of more powerful Web browsers on mobile devices, the company has shifted its focus.

"Where we really saw the market going is that people are going in house with their code base," Verani said.

"Web technology is becoming easier to use, and companies are taking advantage of this. We just want to make it easier for developers to use one code base."

The company has now launched a system called software enabling one web (SNOW). This gets downloaded to a company's Web server, and then developers can add the proper HTML and CSS tags to make websites device aware. Once a particular device accesses the Web server, the newly placed tags tell it right away how to properly format a page for that particular device.

Learning Opportunities

"At run time, we just have to tell what kind of device it is and we can control the experience," Verani said.

"The net result is a lighter page."

Trilibis Embraces Device Aware Mantra for Mobile Websites
SNOW tags make websites device aware so companies don't have to build separate mobile websites.

HTML5 Compliant, Free Developer Edition Available

Previous to the SNOW launch, Trilibis had been going to market with a product called SmartPath, a tool for building mobile websites. In part because of the rise of responsive design and more powerful mobile Web browsers, the company is now putting less energy into SmartPath, though it is still available for existing customers.

SNOW is meant to be used by media sites, publishers, marketers, and any company that has a large audience that is mobile savvy. So for, the technology is powering hundreds of websites that generate millions of page views, Verani said. SNOW is priced on a per Web server base, and the first Web server is free. There is also a free developer version available, and the system is compatible with .NET, Java and Apache environments.