Today, Trilibis releases a new mobile development platform, integrated with Salesforce, and ready for the enterprise.

As the mobile web becomes more integrated into the user experience, thequestion is no longer who needs a mobile site but rather, how do youcreate a mobile web experience?One company offering an answer is Trilibis Mobile, which has spent thelast decade or so providing advanced mobile solutions to brands andmedia companies.

Is Your Mobile CXM on the Smart Path?

Trilibis' SmartPath mobile publishing platform is a scalable, cloud-based and user-friendly solution which can be used to create and manage highly customizable mobile websites -- without the need to engage engineering resources. SmartPath seamlessly serves optimized mobile web experiences on more than 10,000 devices, from basic handsets to the most advanced smartphones and tablets.

Learning Opportunities

SmartPath + Salesforce

Today SmartPath is available for enterprise, executing robust mobile initiatives in a secure, efficient and scalable manner. This means that Trilibis’ flexible platform now supports deep integration with Salesforce, allowing developers to easily build enterprise-class, device-optimized mobile websites and hybrid apps using a combination of custom software developed on the Salesforce platform.

By expanding the mobile content management capabilities of Salesforce, SmartPath offers developers a sophisticated authoring framework alongside a mobile-specific rendering engine from which they can create high-quality HTML5 sites and hybrid apps. With SmartPath, Salesforce customers can extend their data and content to mobile devices while leveraging the growing demand for accessing business applications on-the-go.

SmartPath also supports deep integration with Autonomy’s WCM solution enabling extension of Autonomy’s TeamSite and LiveSite processes to mobile. Additionally, Trilibis’ managed services teams can build enterprise-class mobile websites and hybrid apps that leverage any back-end systems. 

Ultimately, Trilibis' SmartPath gives companies and brand managers a more efficient tool for creating better mobile customer experiences -- which can set them on a smart path to developing more opportunities for revenue growth.