Discussing the customer journey is never boring. And this month’s CXMChat was no exception. We learned that the customer experience can be wiggly, there are no obvious answers and that it always helps to “get out of the building” to experience new perspectives. Let's take a closer look at how the discussion unfolded. 

A Customer Journey Is Many Things

The customer journey is many things. It's multi-dimensional; provides opportunities for engagement and personalized experiences -- all of which are the sum of its parts as well as individual and unique touchpoints. It's a slice in time and constantly evolving. The path that the customer is on today can change by tomorrow


Mapping the Customer Journey

Though the customer journey is also changing or has the potential to change, mapping it out can help companies tell a story, avoid silly mistakes and target specific markets more effectively. However, a map alone can't do anything. It's the first step to helping companies understand where their customers are.


Learning Opportunities

It's Not the Tools, It's the Data

Creating a customer journey map can be as simple as a powerpoint or as sophisticated as a realtime relevance engine. No matter the tools you use to create one, make sure they can effectively bring data and decision making to life.


Where Is Your Customer Journey Taking You?

As you can see, the customer journey need not be complicated or shrouded in mystery. It’s not the tools, it’s the expectations. It’s not how you define the customer journey that matters so much, it’s what you plan to do with it once it’s defined that determines your success. In Part Two of our recap we’ll explore the value created and measured by customer journey maps, as well as the impact that predictive analytics may have on mapping the customer journey.