This month’s Tweet Jam sought to learn more about the value of the customer journey and the impact that big data may have on the way we develop and evolve the customer journey. In part one, we learned that it isn’t so much how you define your customer journey or the tools you use to map it, but rather it’s important that your customer journey map advances how your company deliver customer experiences. 

The Value of Your Customer Map

To effectively measure the success of your customer journey, you must first look to your goals and outcomes. Did the customer map achieve them? Furthermore, is it more costly not to have a customer map? Our panelists agreed that the value of the customer map will be demonstrated if they can be linked to decisions made as a result.

Is the Customer Journey Always Linear?

Is the customer journey always a straight line or are the paths customers go through to interact with brands more like Chutes and Ladders? Sometimes it wiggles, sometimes it goes backwards then forwards, and sometimes it spirals -- but it is definitely not straight.

The Future of Big Data and the Customer Journey

Will big data make the customer journey harder to map? Or will it help it become more effective? Real-time analytics are powerful, but maybe it’s too relevant to help us see the customer journey over time. Participants didn’t agree. They see a more symbiotic relationship between big data and the customer journey.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The customer journey doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether or not it works depends more on what you plan to do with it after it’s been mapped out. Furthermore, embrace all the insights you can to improve it. Advanced analytics can only help you understand the path your customer takes to engage with you. The more you know, the better experience you can provide.

Thanks to everyone who joined us -- we had a great time and hope you did too. Stay tuned for more information about next month’s Tweet Jam.