Looking to get more out of your social media engagement? As more and more companies embrace social media, many are seeking better ways to access more in-depth analytics. Today, Vitrue, known for its social relationship management (SRM) platform, has released major analytics enhancements designed to give marketers better insights on engagement, global perspectives of fan demographics and metrics, time navigation abilities and visibility across the web.

A Bigger, Better View

With its SRM, Vitrue gives brands the ability to scale across multiple social networks, target global to local and publish content that engages fans and drives leads. These new enhancements go one step further by combining Facebook’s complete measurement suite and web analytics integrations via Adobe Omniture, Webtrends, Google Analytics and Coremetrics

With more than 120 different metric types by which to measure engagement, companies can paint a more complete view of all of their social activity -- whether it be on Facebook or across the web. As a result, they can drive better customer loyalty through direct, relevant and targeted content.

But what exactly does more visibility and more metrics do? They are pretty broad terms and considering that social media strategies are unique for each company, what can brands expect from Vitrue’s latest release?


For Vitrue, better visibility not only means better access to web analytics like those mentioned above, it also means new metrics so that marketers can see where their fans are coming from across the Web, while gaining insight into their entire digital footprint as it applies to Facebook.

Vitrue’s SRM also provides a global dashboard that maps country and city distribution. With this, brands can begin to form a more global and real-time perspective about its fanbase.

Engagement Metrics

Vitrue’s new post data has more than 25 new metrics alone. With new analytics that aggregate a brand’s Top Posts, community managers can view metrics and get insights into which type of posts -- image, app, video, link or text -- have performed better, allowing marketers to highlight where they need improvement.

Top Engaged Users Vitrue.png

Marketers can also access a snapshot of the top 10 people (public profiles) that are interacting the most on a company’s page, complete with details on content of comments and frequency of interaction.

As well, Vitrue identifies and analyzes negative fan feedback providing reports of unlikes, spam and hidden posts from users, allowing marketers to know what is turning off users and make necessary adjustments to win back their interest.

Negative Feedback vitrue.png

Keeping Up with a Changing Social Media Scenery

As social technologies evolve faster than ever, both companies and vendors are hard-pressed to keep up. Because audiences are spreading out across various social sharing and networking sites, it’s no longer acceptable to focus social media engagement on just one or two platforms. Vitrue’s access to enhanced analytics and metrics will help companies identify where their users are and how they can best engage them.