Web and Mobile Interest Group Emerges from W3C to Further Mobile Web Initiative

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Everyone’s on the move these days -- the mobile Web movement that is. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is, too, and is adding more depth to its mission for increased Web technology for mobile apps.

Mobile Interest Group Debuts

A month after the international community of Web enhancers released its 10th version of its standards on mobile Web apps, W3C announced this month the formation of a group charged with the growth of Web technology as a platform for mobile apps and cross platform development.  

The group -- called the “Web and Mobile Interest Group” -- features organizations and stakeholders in the industry. They will include: products and services, designers, developers, equipment, manufacturers, tool and platform vendors, browser vendors, operators and others. And they will dive into areas such as retail, advertising, technology, network operators, content creation and content distribution.

For W3C, this is the latest movement in its “Mobile Web Initiative,” which aims to essentially get the world moving to mobile: provide the Web on as many mobile devices as possible without interruption.  

Behind in Standards

The formation of the group may be a result of W3C’s own report last month, which highlighted the need for standards with touch and Web storage. The standards report are not final, and the new group will likely be addressing those right away.

Learning Opportunities

For organizations yearning for such standards to guide their mobile app platforms, it’s still a waiting game.

New Group Goals

The mobile interest group will address some core issues:

  • Core Mobile Web Platform 2012 deployment status. Adopt and deploy the features and standards identified in this report.  
  • Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap. Take a broader look at all the Web technologies under development for mobile devices, and track their status and adoption.  
  • New versions of Core Mobile Web Platform report. Define a broader set of features required to enable the next generation of Web applications on mobile than those identified in the Core Mobile Web Platform 2012 report.
  • Gap analysis. Provide an overview of the differences between the Web as a platform on mobile and other popular platforms and ecosystems technically and commercially. 
  • Cases and scenarios for context-relevant user experiences. Document usage of Web technologies in a way that is responsive to the user’s context, including location, activities, connected devices, etc.
  • Multi-device and cross-device user experiences on the Web. Analyze how the Web can be used to create user experiences that span multiple devices, and define requirements for technologies that are needed to enable widespread adoption.
  • Usability and efficiency considerations for the Web on mobile. Derive related guidelines and requirements that promote app usability and efficiency for the Web on mobile devices.

Mobile Business Savvy

As businesses and marketers track W3C initiatives and wait for its standards and reports, now is not the time to remain stagnant. On the Web, things like the use of social mobile, mobile video, mobile gaming and mobile search are all increasing. Numbers show this clearly -- 10.4 million active Yelp mobile-device users in June.

The message can’t be more clear: Get moving.     

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