Webnodes Semantic CMS Version 4 Released
Webnodes, a .NET based Web CMS platform, has released version four of its semantic based CMS, and the system now ships with Mailgun and SendGrid email providers and a new video provider setup.

We've covered Webnodes before, but if you don't think there's a need for yet another .NET based CMS to choose from, keep in mind the semantic based system might even be a bit ahead of its time.

WCM for Web 3.0

Even if you aren't looking for a new CMS, the Webnodes concept is worth checking out because it builds in some functionality that makes content more searchable and accessible. While most any website can add semantic features using metadata, the Webnodes system builds in semantic relationships right from the dashboard. This makes content more flexible for use across channels and also makes site navigation more intuitive.


Webnodes vs traditional CMS.

Performance Improvements and More

Both Mailgun and SendGrid have their own built in analytics, but the Webnodes email marketing modul has a new analytics system built in as well. The email module has an all new interface, and is set up to be easier to start using. SendGrid can prevent emails from getting caught by spam filters using white labels, while Mailgun is a bit more customizable for various kinds of apps. Besides built in email apps, the new Webnodes system is faster and easier to scale. 

Learning Opportunities

Since March, when the last Webnodes CMS release came out (v3.8), the company has boosted the number of content objects the system can handle. Furthermore, server side page requests are up to 300 percent faster.

We are very happy with the results, both in terms of raw performance, but also how much content we can store in the system. Many people are claiming that big data is just a big buzzword, but we are seeing massive increases in the amount of storage companies need to store in their CMS. In our experience this is mainly due to the fact that websites are increasingly becoming web applications as companies are doing more and more of their business through their website and CMS.” -- Webnodes CTO Ole Gulbrandsen

Additionally, the new video provider system can upload videos to a selected service right from the video editor. Instead of uploading videos to YouTube and then embedding it in a page, Webnodes can host the file and then send it to YouTube for you. Other traditional CMS functions are already available from Webnodes, including mobile templates, e-commerce and social media support.

There's a free version available for one person operations and four other levels of service besides the enterprise version. For teams of 25 people, the Silver suite includes free technical support for about US$ 7500. There is also a 20 percent annual subscription fee based on the initial license fee. Let us know in the comments if you use a .NET based CMS and what kinds of things you think it does well or lacks.