Weekend Reads: Customer Experience Needs Smart Technology, ROI of Engaged Employees

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This week we talked customer experience and the need for smart technology. We also looked at Employee Engagement -- how it can improve the bottom line, and the Cloud growth within Europe. 

Top Customer Experience Article

We hear the three magic words thrown around day after day. We know providing a positive customer experience is critical for any business, we read numerous articles, examine various solutions, reach out to analysts. But what do we really need to foster a positive company-customer relationship? According to Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer (@tbrenninkmeijer) in his article CXM - A Strategy That Really Needs Smart Technology, smart technology is key.

To truly realize the CXM vision, any enterprise must create an environment where content is truly liquid and dynamic. It’s simply not CXM when the system merely displays a banner ad that is targeted to a persona on a mobile website. And, it’s not CXM when the website simply shows a list of “related content” in the right column. No."

The Contenders

Once again this week there are some must reads in our contender category:

Top Social Business Article

Scott K. Wilder (@skwilder) puts it simply -- happy employees equal higher ROI -- so how can you create engaged employees and impact the bottom line? Read his article Employee Engagement: Its ROI May be More Than You Think to find out:

Your employees are key stakeholders in your company’s success. Several studies show that an engaged and happy worker can reduce a company’s overall health insurance costs and take less vacation time (not sure that’s a good thing). There’s an even more important impact though, as a recent Tempkin Employee Engagement Study showed, high employee engagement impacts the bottom line."

The Contenders

It was a close race this week. Here are our runner-ups:

Learning Opportunities

Top Information Management Article

While people may have been talking about the Cloud for years now, it hasn't all been pro cloud. Many people, especially in Europe have had various concerns -- information security concern, would it in fact improve flexibility and response times, and, of course, the fear of becoming obsolete. Now, however we see companies starting to change their views as Stefan Pfeiffer (@digitalnaiv)discusses in his recent article Cloud Growth in Germany, Europe to be Driven by Collaboration and CRM:

All these studies suggest that the cloud will more rapidly gain a stronger foothold in the market as time goes on. In my opinion, the first services to move to the cloud will be those where cost savings and greater efficiency make the case. E-mail is one example, and collaboration is another. The solutions will be highly standardized and will have very clearly defined functions."

The Contenders

This week in our information management category contenders we have:


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